Product Details

FJ749F CO2 Air Quality Monitor

CO2 Detector丨Temperature丨Humidity丨Clock丨Alarm with Snooze丨Lithium Battery

Product Description

Basic Functions

  • Time in 12/24 hour format
  • Alarm Clock Function
  • Carbon dioxide concentration
  • Indoor Humidity display
  • Indoor Temperature display alternatively in ℃ or ℉
  • The 24-hour histogram of mean CO2 concentration briefly shown
  • Trends in carbon dioxide concentration
  • CO2 concentration alarm function
  • Manual baseline calibration and Automatic Baseline Calibration for CO2 concentration
  • MAX and MIN values of temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration recorded
  • Low power indication and charging indication of lithium battery
  • 4 Levels backlight brightness (High-Medium-Low-OFF)


Data Range

  • Indoor Temperature Range: -9.9°C(15° F) to 50°C(122° F)
  • Indoor Humidity Range: 1%RH ~ 99%RH
  • CO2 concentration measurement range: 400~5000PPM
  • Data Accuracy Range:± 1°C and ± 1%RH

Power Requirements:

  • Power: DC 5.0V  600mA Adapter (Included)
  • Battery: Lithium Battery (Included)


  • Monitor: 8.2 x 2.4 x 8.2 cm

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