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FJ3531B 8 Color Backlight Weather Station with Projection

8 Color Backlight丨Weather Forecast丨Temperature丨Humidity丨Projection丨Temperature Alert丨WWVB,DCF,MSF Atomic time

Product Description

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Basic Functions

  • 12/24 Hour Atomic time WWVB,DCF,MSF
  • Two alarm with snooze
  • Perpetual calendar up to 2099
  • USB Output charger port
  • Time and Temperature projection
  • Weather Forecast
  • 8 color backlight setting
  • Indoor/outdoor temperature (°F/°C)
  • Indoor/outdoor humidity (%RH)
  • Air Pressure Display ( hPa/mb or inHg)
  • Indoor temperature and humidity trend indicators
  • Indoor/Outdoor comfort level indicator
  • HI/LO temperature and humidity records
  • Low battery indicator for station and sensor
  • Outdoor Temperature Alert and Frost Alert
  • 4 Levels brightness backlight with adapter
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